PE Liner

Özdal Group is producing below good quality and food contact approved PE Liners from  %100 virgin raw materials at our modern plant.

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Liners provide great protection and other important advantages during filling, discharging and transportation. Different type of liners is produced by Özdal. Both inner and outer liners are produced and customizing for customer demand. Preferring liners is most effective way to securing your most sensitive product. Food, baby formula or pharmaceutical ingredient needs extra requirements and Özdal gives best solution of this requirements for customers with their high-quality liners.  

Types of Liner:

  • Tubular Liner
  • Form-fit

Classification by Materials:

  • LDPE based liners: Most-common use liner material. Color and conductive options are available.
  • HDPE liners
  • EVOH based liners: High heat resistance. High mechanical strength.
  • PA based liners: Generally used for EPS.
  • Aluminum based liners: Improve filling, discharging, handling. High heat resistance.

Classification by Insertion Types:

  • Loose inserted liner: Put inside the bag without any attaching.
  • Tabbing liner:  The liner is fixed with eight tabbing in the eight corners of the big bag.
  • Sewn-in liner: Liner stitching to the entire length on the four sides of FIBC.
  • Glued liner:  Liner is fixed to the walls of the FIBC by glue.

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