Extrusion, Coating and Weaving


PP Tape and PP multifilament yarns extrusion with different strengths and properties are made in our factory in order to achieve stable quality in industry standards and to satisfy customer demands and needs. The high resistant yarns produced here are used in the weaving of various fabrics.
Trial reports are created for raw materials which pass the quality control test. After getting necessary approval, PP-PE-UV and Antisplit paint are weigh on automatic scales for dosing.
The yarns which are obtain from previous process are furnaced at 160 degree and passed through the oil cylinders to gain resistance before passing through the cooling process and reaching the quality control stage. At the last stage, yarns are reeled. 


Different qualifications PP fabrics are produced with raffia tapes extruded with relevant resistance and specification. 


The fabric should be coated for protection against dust and storage with longer shelf life of goods, should not let any air contact. The lamination can be according to customer required specifications and color.


In Özdal production, we have three type of weaving. All type of weaving production has width options. 
We are able to produce in different fabric and loop widths and weights which are suitable to world standards with more than 125 machine.
  • Flat Weaving:
Different widths and designs fabrics can be woven in machinery. Production on the flat weaving machinery provides lower rate waste and high resistance on the fabrics.
  • Circular Weaving:
We can produce circular fabrics with a weight of 90 gr/m and 260gr/m with large option of fabric width.
  • Narrow Weaving:
We produce lifting loops with different widths and designs on the narrow weaving machinery. Widths are change between 15mm to 10cm.