Özdal Group was established in Kahramanmaraş Turkey in year 1994.We started to produce  PP Small Sack in 1995.Özdal Group is one of the leaders company  in PP Small Sack with 80.000.000 pcs production capacity per year.

We started to manufacture Dunnage Bags at our plant in Istanbul in 2013.We are producing Poly Woven Dunnage bags from Level 1 to Level 5.Our annual production capacity is 6.000.000 pcs per year.As a result of our good quality production and  well organized sales organization,now we are one of the important producer company in especially American market and other markets like Germany, Finland,Denmark and other countries.
We have continued to our successful path in Packaging industry with starting FIBC Big Bag production at our Istanbul plant in 2016.We are producing all types of Big Bags with our well qualified and experienced Production,Technical and Sales Teams.We are working with big distributor companies in Europe to provide the best quality Big Bags to end user companies in Europe. 
Özdal Group has plants in Kahramanmaraş and Istanbul cities of Turkey.Total closed areas for both plants is 22.500 sqm and total open areas is  6.000 sqm.
We have integrated production facilities with production of PP Fabric, PE Liner, PP Webbing  and other supplementary materials at our own plants to provide well quality end products.